I have lost some excess fat since I entered my weight variable and only today dropped it by 1 kg to 81kg.  That weight is still higher than my actual weight when I get up in the morning (about 79 kg) and I was wondering if that will give me a slightly more challenging workout if I continue to keep it slightly higher than reality.  Essentially training with weights on if that is the case.

I often hear about people lowering their weight to fly around the various courses but I was wondering if the opposite was true and is it worth it?

Watts are watts regardless of weight. Unless you are doing races adjusting your weight should have very little effect in increasing your fitness. Your speed will increase slightly going up hill, but it will also decrease slightly going down. 

Thanks for the feedback!  I will lower it again to be closer.  

The opposite is usefull in PACK races with 1.5w/kg. If you set 125kg it’s going to be quite challenging. 

I suggest you to set your real weight. Will be better for the KOM and best times in STRAVA. If you want more challenging workout just rise the FTP bar in the workout selection. 

To watch your fitness, there is a free web quite useful: www.wattsboard.com. It is based on three simple measurements: fitness, stress and balance. 

Great tips!  Thanks for the feedback.  Going to check out wattsboard.