Weight rounding poll

A kilogram here or there probably doesn’t really matter, but since Zwift only accepts integer weights, what do you do if your scale reports a fractional weight?

A. floor()
B. ceil()
C. round()
D. dope()

Normal rounding convention…4 and less is round down and 5 and up is round up

When it is working I just let my withings scales push my weight across and what zwift does zwift does. It seems like this link it broken at the moment though so it is whatever it was before this link broke (heavier than my actual I think).

You do not need to use integers here

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Now you do!

weight for sanctioned rides is generally +/- 5% of actual weight so I wouldn’t worry about it too much, you get a lot of leeway :wink:

Yup, that’s all changed.

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Funny how Zwift will sit on issues like being able to save without exiting for years, but as soon as they find out someone is entering non-integer weights, they clamp down on that immediately!


You can enter up to one decimal place for kg now too.

Maybe you can. I can’t.

I’ll round down if I’m at or below 0.7, but if I’m 0.8 I’ll round up. I generally don’t make changes either way unless I’m that number at least 2 days in a row. I weigh myself first thing after getting up in the morning. This is generally slightly less than right before I ride, but 0.7 to 1 kg more than when I finish a ride. One exception is my weight was anomalously (2 kg) low right before the VenTop L’Etape: I was either glycogen depleted and/or dehydrated. I used that number and I was still 7 minutes slower than when I did it again yesterday, 2 kg heavier.