Weight height suggestion for us all

Not sure if you are saying that the observation presented , is that all is not potentially well in this respect , is agreed with or not To pass as “good” it should I think we agree . I suggested it probably isn’t , as good as it should be to be diplomatic. Restating , its not “bad” , and for sure better than any disregard weight or other retrograde steps of course , but that is not the same as saying its “good”.

I really enjoy this conversation and debate. My FTP is very consistent at 230-240W 95% of 20min) and I weigh 66-67kg. I race as a B and get smoked. I mean there are B racers with a ftp of 340W but their weight is so high it keeps them from upgrading. No way I am keeping up with a guy who can sit at 300W all day. So , yes , I agree it’s more about categories than how Zwift calculates speed.
I’ve basically given up Zwift racing and hopped over to RGT. It is so much more like real life there is no companion. Categories are still an issue because RGT also uses W/kg as opposed to FTP but the racing is so much more than just putting out watts.

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every time I see a few grams shaved off components, am I the only one to think… I less pint of beer,… ?