Weight fudging at it's best

My dude chooses his weight depending on how he feels that day. One heck of a diet if he dropped 7kg in one day.

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Grrrr, frustrating. Maybe submit a report using form linked in the below post:

I flagged a rider for exact same thing that went from 75-65-60-70 all in one wk zwift said they take reports seriously that was 4 wks ago this rider still changing their weight like your dude on a daily basis, I’ve stopped racing because of this I just do group rides now no point racing against this sort of bad practise. note I doubt zwift will do anything if you do take the time to report it? that’s just the way it seems to me numbers numbers numbers equals profit over fairness in racing on zwift

Cant argue with that!

As a potential way to mitigate , I see who has entered a race from Zwiftpower prior to the start and have my Cat list running in Live mode (when it works) so I know who to care about. Doesnt stop the frustration of having out of Cat riders or straight out cheaters ruining pace, but it helps.

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wow, people actually do this? Utterly pathetic.

How can someone sit there and take pride in a result knowing they have fudged the figures?!

Unless of course, its multiple users on a single account, hence the change in weight (although i doubt it).


Yes they actually log in to their zwift profile and change their weight in the case of the A cat rider I flagged! it seems it depends of what course of event sed rider is choosing on the day ie hilly flat short long and also entering c d cats so on this case this is deliberate weight doping making everyone else’s race who is genuine a mess . Zwift have not taken any action with this rider I flagged who seemed to do the same races/rides as me which made me look at their profile. update ALERT !!! we’ve been silenced by zwift traffic police for a legit problem that zwift will not deal with note zwift hq send us all on here (the forums ) after we flag riders instead of resolving the issue s ps if only zwift wd act so quickly against riders weight doping and remove