Weight dopers

I was in a race ‘Herd of goats’ the other day and the lead C rider was smashing past B riders. At 3.7wkg and avg 3.5wkg, I was expecting them to be DQ. Were they? Nope! Why not? Because for nearly a year they only weigh 58kg. So, they just cruise around at 180w smashing the C cats and not EVER getting upgrade. Currently they are 3rd in Herd of weight dopers league too. I find it pretty suss when you see other riders who remain 75kg for many moons too. Or they ‘all of a sudden’ get a 5kg increase but then lose it in 3 days.

58kg people exist. if you squint hella hard you can see a 53.5kg guy in my profile pic


I would say that there is a good chance they are dishonest as they are Sandbagging pretty badly. If they are lying about one thing they are definitely lying about other stuff as well. If they weren’t sandbagging, then I wouldn’t be as suspicious (but even then, some have to be lying as statistically, there just aren’t that many people under 60 kg).
I quickly learnt to just try and have fun and enjoy it, and not really care about where I finish (I’ve only had about 1 of 5 racing experiences ruined by cheating so far). I will however be coming to these forums to vent about cheating as needed :wink:

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well, what i do agree is sort of unfair is that people who are both really light and happen to have FTPs near the raw watt cat limits, like you said, can win climbing races and there’s nothing that averagely sized people can really do about it. if you try to follow, you go over the cat limits and get an UPG or a WKG dq. personally i don’t do them often and i think the raw watt FTP limits for each cat should be lowered by about 5w, maybe even 10 to combat this

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Are you sure you aren’t barking up the wrong tree? Because there are plenty legit light weight riders and besides only a small selection of courses they often don’t do as well as you pretend. I find calling them out only for having a low weight borderline offensive.

I think your actual problem is with riders performing at the top of a cat for a long time, and that is a subject that has been discussed to length on these forums in other threads.

So, is the problem with the system or with the weight of your competition is what you should be asking…?

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Please see this like to report the person.