Weight changed after FTP test -- FTP plan impact



When I first started using swift my weight was 62 kg, and it is at this weight setting I did my FTP test (even if I was a bit lighter – I didn’t know I lost a bit of weight).

I weighed myself yesterday, and was 60.6 kg. I will start the FTP 6 week builder plan. But I’m worried if I change my weight down to 60.6 kg that the training plan will become a bit easier (because it was based on a weight of 62 kg).

Should I leave me weight set to 62 kg for the FTP builder workouts even if my weight has lowered ?

Cheers !

Weight and power are two separate things.  Workouts are based on power. Workouts don’t care if you are 100kg or 50kg, they simply go off whatever your FTP value is.

Updating your weight will make your performance increase a little in Zwift, but it will not affect your workouts in any way.

Hey Jon,


Thanks – I suspected that was the case (i.e. make my calculated speed slightly faster), but wasn’t 100% sure :slight_smile:

It’s good to know it’s based purely on power.

Cheers !

I have lost weight since my FTP test and i noticed i am having trouble keeping up with the workouts (ERG mode on) - Do i need to lower my FTP using the ratio i lost i weight (Watts/kg maintain).


300W FTP @60kg  in january 2017  =5.0 w/kg
    Now ----  dec 2017 lets say i lost 5kg [5.0w/kg x 55kg=275w] 
    DO i reduce my FTP to 275 Watts (so i can continue working out) till my next FTP