Weight average for for 60 days (decimals or whole numbers)


average weight is calcualted from your weight during thr best 3, 5, 12, and 20 min peak power in the last 60 days

But I’m wondering what the average is for 72, 72, 73, 73? Ok i know the answer is 72.5, but what is it to zwift? a decimal or a whole number and if a whole number does it round up? so for the example to 73?


I don’t know the answer but an ‘educated’ !! Guess would be Zwift leaves it at exactly 72.5 kg with no rounding.

Reason being that on ZwiftPower my weight has always been to nearest .1kg with no rounding.

Also previously on ZwiftPower I believe the weight used was to the nearest 0.1kg as shown on your ZP profile page weight at the time of the daily calculation. [ in the old days I believe riders could change their weight by the odd Kg and have their category change - that is no longer the case]

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