Weight and age

Apologies if this has come up in one of the many threads relating to cat enforcement, but are there any age or weight restrictions to the categories when using ce. For example no one below a certain age or weight can be a B cat. Or is it totally down to cp/ftp etc

Boys and men need CP 200W+ to be in B, regardless of their CP W/Kg, MAP and VO2… I think.

Not sure which pen they were in, but today there was a 21Kg lad in the Tiny Races! :rofl:

just CP and W’. bodyweight does affect it but you can be a light B if you have a large W’. W’ is measured at 3 minutes, so i advise your friend, son, friend’s son, whatever to do a 3 minute max test. if they don’t have a huge W’ because they spend all their training time doing 2x20s or alp races then they’re still fucked, but it’s worth a try.