Weekly total vs. "lifetime" total discrepancy

I started zwift less than a week ago.
I had some technical issues on one of my rides and I aborted the ride after 6 kms. I didn’t save that ride. My weekly total goal remembers those 6 kms (and it is in my feed), my overall “lifetime” total does not. Is this normal?

Yup, happened to me when I was starting last month. No worries.

I am not actually worried, but I am pretty much convinced, this is a bug and thought I should report it.

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I’ve been wondering about a similar thing: Why does ZwiftPower show a difference between “Year” and “Total”, when I only started Zwifting in February this year? The Companion app shows the same total as the “Total” column in ZwiftPower. I guess it could be the same reason as M.B. mentioned, i.e. rides that I haven’t saved…
Screenshot from 2022-11-07 13-19-24

:slight_smile: I didn’t say ‘no worries’ thinking you were worried, just as a way to say ‘yep, it’s a thing’. I posted here too when it happened to me, so I’m guessing they know about it. I suspect that Zwift have bigger fish to fry. :slight_smile:

English is my third language, my apologies, for misunderstanding what you said.

I am flabbergasted how many devices they need to support through ANT+, Bluetooth, Windows, IOs, (perhaps even Linux) and Android.

On top of that they have the world developers, the marketing, the customer support, asset developers (new frames & wheels) and all of that is maintained with a complicated “worldwide” server MMO game server network and they have to maintain 2 functioning and interconnected programs/apps (companion app and the base program) both of them are live 24/7 so they need to sneak in the server updates while we are using them.

All of that is supporting activities like ERG mode workouts, group rides, races, challenges, badge hunts, missions…

And all of that is based on a concurrent userbase that is less than 10.000 people (I mean less than 10k play at the same time, who knows how many subscribers there are in total). I understand that the large amount of subscribers only play for 1-2 hours a week, but still, that is impressive.

And considering that they will have their hands full with the upcoming Wahoo litigation and that there are similar “products” on the market who would love Zwift to fail… it is astounding what they have achieved and maintain so far. And I think they are definitely on the right track. Makuri Islands is beautiful and I think their best world so far.

Still… I hope they “fix” the Home Screen UI soon, right now it is a mess and I have to use third party sites to get the info that I need, which is kinda absurd considering how uncomplicated the game itself is.

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No apologies necessary my friend :slight_smile: ‘No worries’ is an idiom, and one probably specific to US culture. I often don’t get things like that in Dutch or Spanish either. (Where I’m from, it gets used to mean anything from “that’s not a problem” to “you’re welcome” to “ok”. :slight_smile: )

I also try to keep in mind how much goes into something like Zwift. Even just reading these forums, there are dozens and dozens of requests for changes or bug fixes–some of them major, some pretty minor. And it’s kind of funny when you see people yelling “Come on, this isn’t so hard!” about some issue. Forgetting that there are dozens of issues every day. Still, some are important. The current Home Screen could be improved, yeah. It’s easy enough to use, but the listing of Events is pretty…unhelpful. No ‘Ride With’ function. Some really nice things need to be improved.

I still come here and report bugs though, like you. They can’t get fixed if they don’t get reported.

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