Weekly Goal hit twice

I have my weekly running goal set at 5 miles. I did a 5k (3.1 miles) earlier in the week.

Today I did a Duathlon simulation where I ran 2 miles, biked 10 miles, then ran 2 miles - all on Zwift. During my first run, around 1.8 miles I got the weekly goal met alert, which was correct.

At the end of the 2nd run, when I clicked end ride, the Weekly goal met alert showed up again. No idea what triggered it, but it appeared!

Obviously not a show stopper, but figured I’d put it out there to go into the backlog :grin:.

Did you switch between ride and run mode without going back to the home screen and allow it to auto save?

I saved each activity independently.

Did run
Saved run
On home screen, switched to ride and paired my trainer

Did ride
Saved ride
On home screen, switched to run and repaired my RUNN sensor

Did run
Saved run