Weekend Race

I wonder if we could arrange for 10 lap races to take place during weekends?

At the moment I ride with others, but don’t really have any way to compete with them, as people log in and out all the time.

It would be nice to organise a race where say 30 riders start at THE SAME time and place and go for the SAME number of laps - with real time leaderboards. The winner gets a jersey perhaps (like starva - each week a different colour).

I thought that was the entire idea of zwift… :slight_smile:


Join ‘Zwift Riders’ on Facebook, group rides and unofficial races are getting setup on a weekly basis.

You could try the “slam” rides that are posted on the strava group. The leading group in that was averaging well over 5w/kg for entire laps at times. Good luck!

I would be in for something like this.