Web based Zwift

I’ll stop you there. No it doesn’t. It connects to an internet-based authentication server. A totally different thing.

Sorry but you seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of software/internet architecture, which invalidates all your points, e.g. thinking Zwift would be suitable to run in a browser.



Please explain the difference between “Web based authentication server” and “internet based authentication server”

Try Google. But you also don’t understand software architecture and network architecturecture so you’re missing so much I’d suggest to stop digging this particular hole.

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If you knew what I do for a living, you would probably regret that statement

Oh dear.


Or, maybe you feel that any service available on the “Internet” which doesn’t use HTTP as part of the protocol isn’t “Web Based”. That’s like saying it’s not a “Cake” , it’s a “Torte”.

Ok, keep digging then.


Dude, I am not going to waste my time with you. You are arrogant.
The fact that an app communicates using the internet does not make it a web app in the common sense. Zwift does not run in a browser at all and does not use browser technologies for the game experience. The graphics and the game engine are not based on web technologies and they run native on the hardware. That is what drive the system requirements. The game does a lot of internet communication like all games now a days. That does not make them web app.


That’s my whole point.
Zwift is doing so much - continuous - data transfer across the inter-tubes that it is essentially a web-app, not a stand-alone application. It may have its roots as a standalone (classic) application, but, let’s face it. It is deployed on AWS or equivalent, doesn’t function without an internet connection, and makes use of a variety of internet protocols.

If that’s not"web based", then we have different ideas about what that phrase means.

So, given that it is in fact “web based”, it should really take advantage of the platform independent UI standards provided by HTML5 (plus javascript, etc), and thus would run in basically any compliant browser (or web toolkit)

Sorry if this hurts your feelings.

Unplug your internet and Zwift will run just fine without showing other riders.

Please keep this conversation on topic.


Zwift would be soooo much better written in JavaScript and HTML. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

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I challenge you to do the following, in order

  1. Disconnect from the internet
  2. Run Zwift.

I have no idea how you think html5 is relevant to the core of Zwift gaming rendering engine. I give up educating you.


That’s because Zwift want to check you have a valid account. Means nothing.


No doubt there was a time, early in the development of Zwift ,when this option was considered, and dismissed as a bad idea.

Now, now doubt, there are renewed calls among the Zwift devs to bite the bullet and rewrite the whole thing just like I suggest, for a variety of reasons.

You have to be on the internet to authenticate the user. But after that you can disconnect.


I think it means that Zwifft requires an internet connection just to function, which pretty much negates your statement.

You don’t need to educate me. I already have a pretty good handle on the available technology, and how it can be used.

no it does not. It only need the internet to know where other riders are.


Allow me to educate you:

The “canvas” element was introduced in HTML version 5.
en DOT wikipedia DOT org SLASH wiki SLASH Canvas_element

I, too, give up arguing with you. Clearly, there is some kind of communication issue between us. We are speaking the same language, but, somehow not actually delivering any form of intelligence (i.e. knowledge) with that communication.

But, thanks for an amusing conversation.