Wear and tear

I don’t cover up my bike. I’ve spent A LOT of time on my bike, pouring a lot of sweat – many multi-hour rides. But you know what? I’ve never seen any adverse issues due to it. Perhaps I’m lucky, perhaps it’s not normal. Either way, I don’t use one.

DC Rainmaker

Elsewhere, in a galaxy far, far away:

Rear derailer cable, bottom bracket area, about one year after replacement. I guess A LOT of time is what Einstein had some theories about.

35 years ago my mother told me to always use protection. It was good advice back then and still is today! Just in case you need an alternative to the helmet discussion. :joy:

@eric_bednarz.bike Thanks for bringing this up!

Draping a towel over the stem, bars, and top tube goes a long way in preventing sweat drips from doing this sort of damage on your trainer.

It’s not just cables and housing that corrodes. I’ve seen headsets destroyed from sweat, and aluminum handlebars with holes eaten into them.

When you replace cables and housing, also replace bar tape and check for damage to the bars.


I know. The reason that it is so bad under the bottom bracket is that the sweat ingress through the stem runs down the inside of the frame and is released there. It’s gonna be a jolly good autopsy here after its end of life.

Luckily that particular problem is easily fixed with a cover (extra towel can’t hurt). I actually had one for years that came with my trainer, I just never used it. I should have known better due to bad advice about training tires for wheel on trainers from the same source. :roll_eyes:

Admittedly this is the result of fairly excessive usage, but I was still pretty shocked about the speed and amount of corrosion. It’s also pretty hard to see without getting your head on the floor, or using a mirror; when I checked it was because I could hardly shift anymore.

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