We Need A Petition To Stop The Rain

(Derek Rush [RaceWBR]) #1

Everyone I know has been saying how much they dislike the London Course because of all the damn rain, and here goes Zwift adding it to the Watopia Course. Seriously?

Zwift, if you’re reading this, and you are adamant on keeping the rain, then please give us paying subscribers the option to turn it off.

Reality is miserable enough. Let me at least enjoy the sunshine on Zwift!

(T Smythe) #2

Opposite camp here, I’d like to see heavier rain, snow, high winds, ice. And see them have an effect on in game physics, like cornering.

Would really take Zwift to the next level.


This will probably work better if there can be map switching so people who’re scared of in game rain can go and ride around an indoor track that evening, or some other island that always have perfect weather. Maybe play Copacobana on that island for them on loop.


Weird always having sunny conditions. I like the moodiness of a wet ride sometimes. Same as real life, it’s a guilty, messy pleasure to ride hard in the rain. Cathartic, numbing. Learn to appreciate it. Zwift is far too sterile as it is, graphically, it needs a bit of grit. 


(Steve Ellis) #3

I agree with no rain, at least as an option, as posted on the recent No rain! thread.I’ve got rain and wind outside my door right now if I want it. No one is “scared” of in game rain. But I don’t need to “learn to appreciate” dull, grey virtual worlds. If I want that I can stare a a dull, grey garage wall. Or I can ride in the dull, grey outside. If you want real world grit, that’s probably available right outside your door.

Off topic - it would be interesting to test some wind effects on speed, so that we’d encounter side, head on, and tail winds depending on where we are on the circuit and the surrounding topography.

Also on the off topic of ice, high winds, etc. - I don’t picture that I want some comic book experience in Zwift, where a random number generator decides that this rider crashes in sketchy conditions and this one doesn’t. And other than randomness, there aren’t many options to influence those outcomes – speed, curve, wheel and frame choice and perhaps in-game level. Specifically, the rider’s real world skill does not come into play because the game is influenced by power, not power and bike handling skills. When Zwift has input devices to add braking, rider position, weighting the outside pedal, etc., we may be ready for that sort of realism in some circumstances.

(V ROOM) #4

Actually, I also like the rain, and I agree that the game does feel somewhat uninteresting due to the lack of variation in environment, weather etc. You don’t need other inputs to create skilled cornering, simply take the power off a touch as you go round. They could work sensitivity into that to add an element of skill, then add in weather factors to take it even further.

It doesn’t have to be ‘random’ either. And it seems to me by the way, that you’re already in a ‘comic book’ experience. Aside from the bizarre lack of self-awareness in that comment we can take it further by pointing out that the way Zwift is at the moment, it’s a comic book clearly suited to children, on many levels. It would be nice to see Zwift evolve into a more visceral experience for the adults who pay the wages over at the dev team. At least have the options for both camps - those who want more depth, and those who want the same mind-numbing experience every login. So much potential here, why waste it pandering to the unimaginative or easily rattled. 

If rain bothers certain types, they’ll be in a right tizzy when you add cornering techniques or anything else remotely interesting. But you have to push on as a developer. See past the naysayers and whiners. Grow your product. Be bold. 

You said you can get rain outside, well guess what, you can get sun outside too. What’s the point. Variety over monotony, any day.

(Steve Ellis) #5

In the real world around here, cyclists prefer blue skies and sunshine. They say so, and they demonstrate it by riding much more in clear, sunny weather.

Cyclists who commute, or are limited to training outside, do ride in all conditions, and may take pride in their fortitude. And a cyclist who races in all conditions may want to mentally prepare themselves on the trainer to power on regardless of the virtual weather.

But on any given day the numbers show that people prefer blue skies and sunshine over grey skies and rain. That’s been true where I’ve lived in the US and in the other countries I’ve lived in or visited.

(David Griscom YCW) #6

A bit off topic, but maybe what Zwift needs is a polling capability.  There have been a lot of posts complaining about the rain but there is no way to tell if most Zwifters don’t like the rain or if its just that people that don’t like the rain are more likely to post messages here.  (FYI, I dont mind the rain)

(Steve Ellis) #7

David, your response is the most on topic with respect to the thread title - a petition to stop the rain. Zwift could conduct a user survey – rate the rain 1 to 5, I Want Rain to I Don’t Care to I Don’t Want Rain. Or maybe Zwift’s already doing that with some select group.

I wouldn’t mind expressing my preference on some other development priorities as well.

(Alex Pond - MBRC) #8

Stop the rain. I was starting the descent of the volcano climb and it started to rain.  There was no view of Watopia, only darkness.  Rain = depression, Sunshine = happiness.

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #9

Stop the rain.  I was on Watopia for an hour yesterday.  It rained twice.   Too much!

(Derek Rush [RaceWBR]) #10

Don’t feel bad, Cleve, I was on for three hours and it rained for what seemed to be half the time. It’s gone beyond the point of aggravating. It’s April and all it’s doing outside is raining. Turn on Zwift … and all it’s doing there is raining. It’s killing my mojo. Some enjoy it; they seem to think they are somehow hardier riders heading out into the virtual rain. I don’t. Zwift needs to allow an option for us to turn it off.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #11

Three threads about rain is 2 threads too many.

EDIT: FOUR threads. Jeez louise, people.