Watts stuck in EMEA race

Hi, For the first time EVER in 10 months of riding/racing, about 25 mins into the EMEA race, my avatar got stuck on 5.7w/kg. No matter what I did, sprint or stop peddling, it wouldn’t budge. Had to pull the plug on the race and not save results. Really devastated as the team relies on all the points, even for a finish. What the ■■■■ happened???

Please provide a complete rundown of your Zwift set up.

not sure what you mean? I use a Wahoo Kickr and run Zwift App on MacBook Air which I airplay to TV. This has never happened before. I thought maybe a power drop, but that would surely just throw me out??

Crazy glitch is my guess… you could put the log file, if it exists (not sure since you didn’t save the ride?), into www.zwiftalizer.com and see what you see…

no I didn’t save it as I thought it might mess up the race results, since a points race.Though I guess not if I didn’t finish. Just concerned if I don’t know why it happened, it might do so again.