Watts seem really low

(Derek Gregg) #61

Agree with other posters. CycleOps Fluid2 curve is off in Zwift. It under reports by about 30-40% at the low end compared to TrainerRoad curve. I re-broadcast from TR to alleviate this issue. Would be nice if Zwift would update the curve. I bought my trainer in 2014.

(Chris Jeffree) #62

@Derek Gregg How do you re-broadcast from TR? Two ANT+ sticks?


I’ve been using TR for the last 6 months and found it to be very accurate with the CycleOps Fluid2… Threshold intervals actually hurt now :slight_smile:

(Derek Gregg) #63

Yeah, two sticks required. Agree, TR seems more accurate. However, the re-broadcast causes a 1-3 second delay to Zwift so makes drafting a bit challenging at times.

(Super Syes) #64


I wanted to provide an update from Zwift on this topic as I opened a ticket with support to look into this issue. They have officially said they don’t support the older CycleOps Fluid 2 trainers. If you are also having this issue, please open a ticket with Zwift support so they have visibility into others having this same issue. I have requested they create an online help article to explain the older version of the trainer is not supported (to clarify this with the Zwift community).


Josie L. (Zwift)

Dec 14, 11:03 PST

Hi again,

I’m sorry for the delay in response.

At this time, we do not have plans to support the trainer unfortunately. According to our data maps, we are seeing a low demand for that particular trainer. But if you would like to get more accurate power readings, it may be worth looking into getting a power meter or another supported trainer. I’m sorry I do not have a better answer for you.


Member Experience Team

(Justin Blunk) #65

Calibrating CyleOps trainer via Garmin seems to have resolved low power readings. 

(Larry Prentiss - Coventry CT) #66

For what its worth I just received a Kickr Snap for Christmas and figured I would begin a Zwift account.  In any case, I’m 5’5" and weigh approximately 175 lbs.  I did an FTP test and it came out at 124.  I wouldn’t consider myself a strong cyclist but I’m in decent shape.  I was disappointed with the 124, however, finally came to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be in the TDF…lol! I continued to ride until my road tire began to show some real wear (about 8-10 rides) so I decided to by a Vittoria indoor bike trainer tire.  It came in, I put it on and went for a ride the next day…181 ftp…go figure…not sure what happened…

(Tim Furiate) #67

I had an older fluid2 (2006) and it had leaked a little as they are prone to do. I was getting way better power (316w for 90 minutes avg 23mph) than I should have so I sent it in under warranty and got new unit. Big mistake, now for same ride (150w for 90 minutes avg. 16.7mph) and I was struggling. I guess the answer is to let some oil out of the unit. If someone can figure that out let us know.  

(Kenley Gonzalez) #68

I have an older Fluid 2 ( 2007 model). The unit leak oil and was replaced under warranty two years ago.

I did a Zwift ride with Z-power just to do  some tests and found that in the first 15 mins. of the ride Z-power reports 40-30 watts over  what my powermeter is telling me but if I held a steady wattage, for me it was 170 on my powermeter, after the 15 mins warm time, Z-power and the powermeter where really close with Zwift even under reporting.

I saw with in 10 watts most of the times. 

when I rode at lower wattage the power difference was more.

(D avid Thomas TQ5) #69

I had to tinker with the weight. I found that if you set your weight to about 8-12kg less than you are, it felt much more realistic and my speed/watts were far more acccurate. Had some great racing since I’ve changed it.

(Paul) #70


So you are dropping your weight by a large amount and doing races, that does not seem right.

(D avid Thomas TQ5) #71

If I put my actual weight in 90kg. I could not get my w/kg over 2.0 without burning out in a few minutes. And the resistance was completely unrealistic. I found just a small adjustment down in my weight made the whole experience so much better. I use a Tacx Bushido which seems to have some issues with this if you read some of the posts. I just found this works for me. I’m sure not the fastest in the races by a long way but it does feel so much more competitive. 

(Paul) #72


8-12kg is not a small adjustment and will not increase your watts, just your W/kg. Within the Zwift community, especially racing it is considered cheating.

I would recommend doing some of the workouts to improve your performance. You could also contact Tacx support to see if there are any issue with your trainer. Do you do a calibration before using Zwift?

(D avid Thomas TQ5) #73

Hello Paul. Yes I understand that and I am not a serious racer. I have done and am doing the workouts and ftp test which has now been increased to 174 after a hilly loop. I have emailed Tacx support and given them the trainer details and firmware details. I await a reply.
I am not unfit and ride regularly. I will monitor my progress and feedback my results.