Watts Read Outs Not the Same

 My wife and I are new to Zwift.  I am on Wahoo KickR and she is on Cycleops Magnus.  When riding, the Watts that show for my wife on the right side of the screen (where each rider is shown in real time to the rest of the riders) looks to be correct based on what she is spinning (either flat or up hill) but the watts on the top left of the screen in the ble box are significantly lower.  She pushes 2.0 - 2.5 on the right side of the screen but the blue box on the top left of the screen often shows 75-100 watts less…thoughts on why?

Not following what you are asking.

The 2.0 -2.5 is watts per kilogram and the box in the top left is the real time watts. The two will never match since the real time watts are used to calculate the w/kg along with the weight that is in the profile.

Hi Brian

Often the two readings will be wildly different due to time differences in updating.

I find, after completing a sprint and dropping to recovery, my ‘blue-box’ reading is easily 100w ‘out’ when compared to what it should be according to my w/kg.

A little later the differences settle but then can work in the opposite direction on a climb. 

This is all normalised in the results data.

Ride On!