Watts/kg on a mountain

Hi! Today I experienced a strange thing when riding up the mountain in Insbruck 2018 worlds course 23.8km which was the course in todays Giant Camden tron group ride. Each time the slope increased, I was doing around 4watts per kilo, but people doing around 2.5watts per kilo could still keep up with me ( over an extended time). Since all watts per kilo is visible in Zwift it can’t be a trainer issue. Have anybody experienced a similar thing? This was no race but are there other things than W/kg that play a role on a mountain?

I think those are banded rides. Most (all?) of the “Tron” rides are. They’re configured to keep the group together regardless of power so people can add elevation without working for it.


You wasn’t by any chance on a TT bike and disc wheels ?

Even if, it shouldn’t make that big a difference as you describe…


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Probably “keep together” (rubber band).

Usually even a TT bike with disc wheels should be able to eventually outrun a normal bike on a steep enough hill with that w/kg difference.

Aha… oh. That explains matter! Is this information written somewhere? Thanks!

Well sometimes it’s in the event description, but if not then you can find it by looking at the event settings on zwifthacks. If you don’t want rubberbanding, a good way to avoid it is never do an event that has “tron” in the name.

:ok: thanks for the tip