Wattbike doesn't change resistance

Hi Guys,

I’m new here, never used Zwift or a trainer or a Wattbike before. Usually I cycle on the street.
Few days ago I discovered that I could use the Wattbike that I have at the gym with Zwift and that there was an Android verion, so I thought to give it a try. I’ve followed the instruction, I connected the app (my phone is a Sony XZ premium) to the Wattbike (Wattbike pro, it should this model: https://www.bestgymequipment.co.uk/products/wattbike-pro). The app found the bike correctly and it says that bike is “controlled”. I selected “Jon’s Mix” and I started to cycle, the resistance of the Wattbike was at 1 (very light), the map on the right was saying that the inclination was changing, but the resistance wasn’t. I didn’t feel any difference. At certain point I had to move the resistance lever manually to try to follow the app.
Is it normal? Should it change the resistance automatically? Could be some cable disconnected? A bug in the app?

the wattbike pro isn’t a smart trainer so you have to manually adjust. It’s only the Wattbike Atom that is smart and does it automatically.

Thanks Mike!

At the end I figured out, but at the beginning the “Controlled” status on the App confused me a lot.