Wattbike atom gears visual on screen

(Paul Simmonite;-)) #1

Would it be possible to enable a visual gear icon in the same area as the watts, cadence,hr figures on screen,i think this would be a great addition whilst riding zwift whilst using the Wattbike atom,because currently i have to guess or swap screens on my tablet.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

We’ve actually got a Wattbike Atom on the way to ZwiftHQ and I believe what you describe will be necessary for the best experience given how the shifting works on the Atom.   I don’t have a time frame for when we’ll be able to get to it, but it almost certainly will be this winter.

(Paul Simmonite;-)) #3

Thanks for the update,great news.

(Sean Donnelly) #4

Hi, I’ve just received my Wattbike atom this week, but the gears don’t appear to be changing on the bike when I’m in Zwift, but works on the Wattbike app, can anybody shead any light on this matter please, thanks in advance.

(Paul Dewberry) #5

@Sean Donnelly


I’ve received my wattbike atom this week and I’m experiencing exactly the same issue.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon, seems a massive oversight.

(Sean Donnelly) #6

My Garmin heart rate monitor isn’t working on Zwift either. Is this the same issue as the gears?

(Paul Dewberry) #7

I think so, having the same issue as well. Searches but never finds. I thought it was me missing something, so I’m quite happy you’re having the same issue! (in a nice way)

(Paul Dewberry) #8

I’m going to do a firmware upgrade tonight to see if that has any affect. I would have thought it came with the latest version, but I just want to rule it out

(Sean Donnelly) #9

I will try that tonigh.i have waited a long time for this bike I hope it gets fixed. When I was riding on Zwift and all the rides passing me if I was studstill legs were going quick but not going anywhere haven’t been on bike for about 4weeks I no you can lose some fitness not all :sob::sob:

(Paul Dewberry) #10

Exactly the same here! I was so happy when it finally arrived and thought I could boost my fitness (which I still can through the Wattbike app and sufferfest) but was really looking forward to riding with mates on Zwift. I’ve been getting one ride a week in since the clocks changed and this couldn’t come soon enough


(Grant Laywood GCC) #11

I’m also in the same boat mine turned up today works perfect on the hub and trainer road but the gears don’t work on zwift I’ve emailed zwift and wattbike about the issue so hopefully It can be resolved

(Sean Donnelly) #12

I’ve looked at the software update on the bike and it’s up to date. Hopefully we all get some answers soon

(Daniel Wilder) #13

Same here - got my Atom on Thursday and can’t get any gears to work on Zwift or Sufferfest. Really p-eed about it seeing as this was one of my main reasons for buying one.

(Paul Dewberry) #14

Just been trying to find some more info on it myself. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/11/wattbike-atom-in-depth-review.html
This guy doesn’t seem to have an issue, I assumed the gear problem would affect all atoms, but apparently not. I’ve message wattbike and they just sent me a generic link to changing gear and then asked me how their customer service was.

(Daniel Wilder) #15

I’m wondering whether something has been broken in the last firmware update.

The dcrainmaker review was a couple of weeks back - perhaps with an older firmware version.

Really poor show from Wattbike… Don’t need to spend £1500 to get something with only Wattbike Hub functionality!


(Paul Dewberry) #16

That was my thoughts, I haven’t got around to seeing whether mine needs a firmware update yet. It really has taken the shine off something I’ve been so looking forward to receiving

(Daniel Wilder) #17

Totally agree.


My understanding is that firmware updates get pushed to the bike when you start up the Wattbike Hub - and you get notified that this is going on.

I’m guessing that our bikes already have the latest firmware. Unfortunately, this issue only came to light on Friday night for me. I guess I shall be calling WB first thing Monday.

(Paul Dewberry) #18

I’ve just sent some detailed feedback to Wattbike, hoping this prompts them into actually giving me an answer. I’m astounded that there’s nothing on their website about this.

(Grant Laywood GCC) #19

I’ve had an email from wattbike about it

Hi Grant,

Thanks for getting in touch, I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with that. We have in the past couple of days had some people reporting the same as you in Zwift, which we in turn investigated and found a bug in the firmware. We have as a result sent a fix to Apple/Android for approval which should become available via the app store/our app early next week.

(Sean Donnelly) #20

Been in touch with Zwift had a few chats with them and they asked for a screenshot of my login. They said they are going to look into it. Let’s see what comes first. Hopefully we can all get sorted sooner rather than later. Thanks for the info