Wattage jumping about on Macbook only

So I have been happily using my new macbook air for zwifting for about 6 months, with ANT+ (BLE turned off) to both do training sessions with the ERG mode on (been zwifting longer on other devices, this is a new issue).

Recently, however, the wattage has started jumping about. Normally it would just hit the watts on the ERG and sit there, but now its like 10-20% under and over all the time, and doesnt feel right.

I have therefore tried it using BLE on the macbook - same issue

Weirdly, it works on my iphone/ BLE, its rock solid, and the same on my windows 10 surface pro/ ANT+.

This does seem to isolate the issue to the Macbook. So I have also deleted the app and reinstalled it, but still no joy.

Any other ideas/ suggestions as to what the problem can be? I have other ways to zwift, as I say, but just prefer to fix this one if i can.

Hi @Nigel_Fox

Sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble with your watts jumping about 10-20% over or under. I get how that would be frustrating, especially considering the issue is happening with both ANT+ and BLE pairing, and doesn’t happen when using your phone or Windows PC for Zwift. I assume all these devices you’ve used for Zwift are in the same room, correct?

That being the case, it does sound suspiciously like wireless signal interference. Have you gone through everything listed in this article? If not, I’d suggest you start there.

Just for testing purposes and as a potential workaround, you can try using the Zwift Companion (ZC) app on your iPhone as a BLE bridge to pair your devices to Zwift on the Mac. If you’ve not tried that yet and are unfamiliar with the process, you can find more information in this article.

If none of that helps, your issue sounds a bit more technical and could benefit from a closer investigation by our tech support team. You can reach us here.