Wattage controls on Group Ride leaders

Finding that a significant (50%) number of Group rides at advertised wattages are nothing more than all out races with little control by ride leaders.   Suggest that controls be implemented for ride leaders that match ride descriptions (maximum wattage per kg or average wattage per kg)   

I generally feel that with such group rides there are two problems at play, which are particularly apparent on the sub 2 group rides.

A - Yes, there are people who join these rides and like to race away. Sure, controls could be implemented to keep these people with the group, however on the other end you can also just let them ride off. If someone doesn’t really want to be there anyway, it hardly matters. The question of course is, why did they sign up to begin with?

B - Certain routes lend themselves poorly for certain power rates. Sub 2 on a smart training while climbing the gradient to the jungle course? It’s nigh impossible with the cassette I have on my bike. In lowest gear at an already uncomfortable cadence of 70 RPM I’m cycling at roughly 3 ~ 3.5 W/kg there. If I stick to a more bearable cadence, I’m cycling at roughly 4 W/kg. Yes, it’d be nice there to in someway rubber band to the ride leader.

However, I must say that on following downhill segments the waiting at the top of a hill is often returned with little thanks. On the sub 2 rides this is not so much a problem, I can make that despite the decreased resistance on my Neo. However, when having joined in on a group ride of 2.5 W/kg it already gets a bit more challenging and when riding a 3 W/kg social ride I find myself needing to push another uncomfortable cadence of 110+ in the highest gear to keep up.

So a maximum wattage really would only have fixed the uphill problem, whereas for the downhill it still remains a problem.

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Point A.  I don’t care what anyone else is doing except the ride leader.  If individuals want to ride off the front in a race, have at it.   I expect the ride leaders to hold to the stated wattage, what ever that is 2 or 3 or 4 I don’t care, just don’t exceed the stated wattage.

Point B.    Not sure but I think your point is an excuse,   riding at 2 wpkg over some terrain is difficult for strong riders with small cassettes  … therefore they shouldn’t be held responsible. 

My response: 

  1. Don’t lead rides that you can’t or won’t follow the wattage described  

2.  Change the description of the ride to that which you do feel capable of leading.

BTW I don’t buy the theory “some people” can’t ride 2wpkg uphill.  There is no excuse based upon terrain or  cassette.  Even if it were accurate, which it isn’t,   ride leaders who can’t follow a prescribed wattage have no business leading

It wasn’t clear from your first post that you meant to only limit the ride leader, rather than neutralize the whole ride.

And beyond that, there’s nothing to “buy”, but rather it’s a simple fact that moving up hill costs a certain level of energy, and cycling at certain cadence in certain gearing generates said level of energy. Physics are not an evil plot against you.