Does the pressure/connection between the back wheel of a bike and the roller on turbo affect the watt output of the rider?

I seem to produce a lot less in terms of watts in meet ups on Zwift when compared to riders I normally ride against on the road?

Perhaps I am just going slower theses days though!


Yes absolutely. Manual should advise.

The elite novo smart for example specifies screwing the roller until it just touches the wheel and then throw the lever that presses it into the tyre.

What trainer are you using?

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Sadly yes compared to direct drive, but not a lot less. Define ‘a lot’.

Mine (a Tacx Genius) went through calibration today fine as usual, but during the ride the horrible squeaking of the tyre slipping on the roller began. Not normal but you have to assume there’s always some degree of slip and it will be worse the higher the power.

Resistance does change according to the pressure on the tire.
I have a kenotic trainer with InRide sensor and I hope that by calibrating every ride, the calibration accounts for this.
I don’t monitor hot right it is from ride to ride.
I just crank it and calibrate and hope it works.