Watt Number Madness?

Some guys are beasts on these mountains.  180 HR pushing 300 Watts.  Then I see something like this and I wonder what’s going on?  How is this possible? Is there a trick?


That does not seem out of the realm of reality honestly. A kid that I work at the shop with will sustain those kind of numbers during a cyclocross race for an entire hour. I’ve seen his garmin data and he’s averaging 290 with a heart rate of 180-185.I remember watching Andre Greipel work out on Zwift one day last year and he held a 20 minute interval at like 387 watts.

That one does seem a little fishy.  103 BPM is some zone 3 stuff which means this guy/gal would have an FTP closer to 350-400 and that 247 is a leisurely spin.  Especially given their cadence too which would imply that they’re either soft spinning or pedaling squares.  The former would mean they’ve screwed with settings, the latter would mean that they have a ridiculous heart.