Watt Bombs Group Workout

This workout is a bit of a joke - it starts off pretty well, but then has 15 second ‘sprints’ at VO2Max followed by 5 minute recovery at power targets so low that they’re actually uncomfortable.  I had to stop riding and edit my FTP up by 30% to make the workout worth even bothering with, and it was still trying to make me ride at 120W!

Being so very easy, it’s just a waste of an hour, which is a shame because generally speaking, the group workouts are great.



Watts up David, that why I Call it the “Noob train”, go so  slow. it so painful.

Agree, did it last week, everybody complains about the poor level.

I agree, I kept thinking there was something wrong with my FTP or trainer.  Overall the group workouts are great, I just won’t ever do that workout again,