Watopia mountain

Is there a chance you guys will make a higher mountain it’s just not enough when training for mountains like Galibier Ventoux Alpe d’Huez…going down at full pace to keep the wattage and then hitting it again is far from the same thing. If not create like a wormhole tunnel so end up at the start of the hill you just took.
If you do make higher mountain a smoother more like you get on bedoín to Ventoux 8-12% or alpe d’Huez continous steady pain.
That is really something I miss in this game

You could create a workout that simulate a long mountain. 

You can use https://whatsonzwift.com/gpx-to-zwift-workout/ to convert a GPX file to a workout.


See below an example I created for my self of the Alpe d’Huez


Jerrie, Are you saying your file will make a smart trainer simulate 8 percent climb?

If your trainer can produce a 8% climb then yes.