Watopia Leg 2 crashed

Was riding Leg 2 of tour de watopia after 10km I was alone in the ride and no dashboard and didn’t record my ride
I’m on Apple TV latest update

Sounds like a network connection issue. Is your ATV connected via WiFi or hardwired?

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Wirelesss but my companion app still says activities in going

I think that if you are running ATV wireless and it disconnects from the internet you will no longer see any other riders. (I have seen this tactic mentioned in other posts as a way to ride alone in Zwift.) However, you have to be connected to the internet at the end of the ride in order for the activity to save and end. So you might need to check to see if your ATV is getting a good wireless signal, or possibly just run a network cable to it for a few minutes, to get the activity to end/save.

Also, is this something that happens with any frequency? When I first started using ATV (also on WiFi) I was having issues with riders disappearing and then reappearing. It was suggested then that I change my WiFi router settings to use a fixed channel, instead of having it ‘search for best signal’) as each time the router changes signals you kind of lose your connection with Zwift while it’s searching. So, you might try to change your settings and see if that fixes the issue going forward.

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it may be that i lost some connectivity. How can i recover the ride ?