Watopia backstory

Is there an official Watopia backstory? Clearly, there is a modern civilization built on the ruins of an advanced ancient civilization. What happened to the civilization that built the glass tunnels and the enormous statues? Did they spend too much of their time biking and running, resulting in the collapse of their society? Is this a cautionary tale for the current residents of Watopia? You never see anyone on the island who isn’t biking or running, and you can see that this obsession with fitness is having a negative impact on the island’s infrastructure. The wooden bridges, in particular, are in a sorry state of disrepair, with guardrails missing or falling off.

What sort of guidance were the artists given to ensure a consistent “feel” for the island?

And why “Watopia”? If utopia is derived from the Greek ou (not) + topos (place), is watopia derived from the Greek wa (eggs) + topos (place)? I have yet to see an egg anywhere in Watopia.

Just curious.

I thought it should have been spelled WATTopia and always figured that the name is derived from the power metric.


The idea of Watopia being the “egg-place” gave me a laugh.

Perhaps the backstory has more to do with a Watt-topia, where the populace was enslaved by their overlords, tied down to their stationary trainers producing power to enable the overlords’ leisure activities. As the cost of individual freedom topped 15 million merits, the populace revolted and overthrew their captors. Now the populace can ride freely along the routes of their former distopia. But without an organized labor force to maintain the infrastructure, road surfaces have peeled away from, and hover above, the supporting terrain.


You’re right! I hadn’t really noticed this before, but here’s a sample screenshot. You might have to zoom in to see the road.


If I had time, I thought it’d be fun to write a whole blog about the (unofficial) history of Watopia. Make up the backstory - and add more each time a new section is added.

Or a fictional story based in Watopia - that could be pretty entertaining as well.


My take is that Watopia takes place post-apocalypse. Nuclear War, electromagnetic terrorism, or even a larger Carrington Event have wiped the slate clean. Nothing with an electric motor or silicon chip works anymore - thus the reason for no cars. The inhabitants of Watopia are the ones who escaped the carnage on the mainland to rebuild a civilization that is at peace with itself and nature, with bicycles being the primary form of transportation. There are still the “purists” who insist that God-given legs are the only transportation mankind needs, but we live in peace with them, for the most part.

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