Watch the Femmes Mission 2022

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In the USA you can find the Giro Donne on GCN+

Also see this post: Watch the Giro d'Italia Donne 2022 Here (No Spoilers)


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As Gerrie noted, the Giro d’Italia Donne is the Women’s World Tour stage race that’s happening right now. GCN+ is indeed the English-language streaming source for the United States. Many of the riders are racing both the Giro and the Tour.

If you know the sport of cycling and can figure out what’s happening even if the commentary is in Italian - please join us on this thread where I’ll embed each day’s feed from the Giro organizers.

Once the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift starts later this month - NBC-Universal is the Tour’s US broadcast partner. In addition to over the air coverage on one of NBC’s channels, you can livestream the race if you’re a Peacock subscriber.


LoL. I edited my post as you posted your reply. Thanks :+1:

As someone pointed out in a prologue ride yesterday, Zwift’s choice of name for this series is surprising given the initialism it produces.
Unless the graphic designers who produced these socks have been away from English-language popular culture for the last 50+ years, they must have been chuckling to themselves:


I appreciate that yesterday was a public holiday in the US, so am not expecting super rapid reactions. Just bumping this before it gets buried. As noted Saturday, the page exists but doesn’t contain the usual withdrawal button:

@Roule_Thoune - Thanks for bumping this. Here is the withdraw link for this mission: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

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While we’re on the subject of where you can #watchthefemmes here’s the list of global broadcast and livestreaming partners for the 2022 Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift:

  • Broadcast in 190 countries with at least 2.5 hours live coverage on each stage.
  • Airs approximately 15:00 - 17:00 CET.

USA: CNBC, Peacock
Canada: Flobikes
Pan Central & South America: ESPN

Pan-Europe: Eurosport, GCN
Belgium: RTBF, VRT
EU & UK: Eurosport & GCN
France: France3
Denmark: DKTV2
Germany: One/Sportschau
Ireland: TG4
Norway: TV2
Netherlands: NOS
Spain: RTVE
Switzerland: SRG-SSR (news)

Africa & MENA
Pan- Subsaharan Africa: Supersport, TV5 Monde
Pan- MENA: GCN, beIn Sports, SSC, TV5 Monde

Asia & Oceania:
Pan-Asia (excluding China and Japan): Eurosport Asia, GCN.
China: Zhibo
Japan: Jsports
Australia: SBS, GCN
New Zealand: Sky Sport

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If you could, who here would rock WTF socks? :person_raising_hand:


Can we give them out to the odd forum poster too? Asking for a friend …

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For the record, the WTF socks are in-game only. We haven’t made them IRL, but we’ve discussed it as a possibility.


Is Missions before it was a specific stage and they showed which you had completed and which you had not. I’m not see that this time. Is it simply 8 stages as a whole and you complete the mission?

Hi @Chris_Crush_MS - For the Watch the Femmes mission, you can complete any eight events between July 1st - August 1st and they do not have to be in order. We have specially designed an eight stage series that loosely mirrors the stages in TdFFaZ. Here is the link to the events page.

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Hi! How to “complete the mission”? I’ve unlocked cap and socks from last Watch the Femmes, but now I’ve finished 2 current rides (different Stages) and still can’t unlock the t-shirt :frowning: What should I do?

Hi @Michal_Nowak welcome to Zwift forums.

Good question! As covered in our FAQ linked above, you’ll unlock the jersey when you’ve completed the eight stages of the Mission by August 1. How are you doing with that? You still have three days to finish.

Q: Are there rides I can do in Zwift?
A: In honor of the eight stages of TdFFaZ, we are challenging our community to complete eight events between July 1 st - August 1st. We have specially designed an eight stage series that loosely mirrors the stages in TdFFaZ. Details for the community events are on our Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift main page and to get engaged in the conversation, visit our Community Forums.

Q: What do I get for completing Watch the Femmes?
A: For all series rides, caps and socks will be automatically assigned and unlocked upon completion of the event. During these rides, you will also be assigned a pretty awesome ‘Watch the Femmes’ kit that can be unlocked, along with the badge, after completing the entire mission. Trust us, this is a kit that you don’t want to miss.

Thanks for reply!
Don’t think I can still do it tho… there’ll be Stage 7 on Saturday and Stage 8 on Sunday… I’ll still be missing 1, 2, 3 and 5 :frowning: What a shame. Would do it in one day if there’s any possibility :sweat_smile:

I think you just have to do 8 rides, not rides on 8 different days So, if you can do them all in one day I think that would actually work.

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Sure thing, but there’s no planned Stages earlier than 6 by now. I can’t just picked Stage 1, can I?
I guess ride 8 times the same Stage won’t count :frowning: Additionally, Stage 7 has more than 1500m of elevation, would be a bit hard hahah :rofl:

See this post from earlier in this thread:

Thanks @Nigel_Tufnel , you’re probably right! So 6 rides, 2 days and Stage 7 1500m climb, Stage 8 1100m climb… god damn it, I’ll try! :rofl:

I just want to express my personal gratitude towards Zwift and their support of this race. The coverage has been excellent. I think I’ve been enjoying the racing even more than I enjoyed the men’s race. The exposure will no doubt bring more sponsors into women’s cycling, increasing resources and pay for all those involved. It never would have been possible without Zwift stepping up and taking on the risk of investing into this event. Thank you, Zwift.