Waste of money with unnecessary Zwift commercials

Zwift’s pointless TV commercials are constantly on TV. A lot of money is wasted here, which Zwift should better invest in the further development of the game. There are so many important things to work on in Zwift and this is where your money should be invested. With this badly done advertisement, there won’t be a single new athlete on Zwift. If you look at Zwift’s product life cycle, you can see that there will be no more major growth. Now the competitors come on the market and they will conquer the market with better offers. Zwift needs a new management and a reflection on what it used to be when I started as a beta user. Ride on - but where?

I doubt that the advertising won’t create a single new customer. I’m fairly certain the world of advertising is monitored to ensure that the maximum product exposure is gained.

Are you now going to say that it’s pointless going in a breakaway to get tv exposure?

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We dont get Zwift ad’s where I am but if its a new campaign in your market it’s likely resultant from Apple’s new push into the fitness market. Given they support 4iiii PM’s, its a matter of time before they extend the supported smart trainers.

Interesting article here explains the obvious threat to Peloton at least.


It’s their money to waste, as per what they see fit.

(Just saying…)

Zwift’s TV ads worked on me.

Two years ago, I’d heard about Zwift from other people but it was Zwift’s TV commercials (in coverage of the Tour de France and other races) which showed me what Zwift was, and made me want to find out more.

So I went to find out more and, when it came to the winter, I signed up as a Zwift subscriber.

So, because of their TV ads, they’ve made close to £300 out of me, and that amount increases every month.

We’re all different.


The northern hemisphere winter is approaching and several high profile bike races are still on the calendar so surely now is exactly the right time for Zwift to be advertising?

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It’s fair to say that any I see are unnecessary, since I’ve been on Zwift for 6 years. :rofl:


Of course advertising works. Zwift’s growth may well begin to slow but that will be because of a lack of lockdowns that served it so well. Also, fitness, especially home fitness, is something that just because people start doing, doesn’t mean they’ll keep doing. How many bikes/turbos/treadmills end up on eBay. Zwift not only has to attract new users but also remind casual users to keep using it, it is a no-contract subscription after all. Many people pause the subscription in the summer, they need to be reminded to come back in the winter.

Finally, if you know anything about software products you’ll know that a company’s advertising budget (operating expense) and product development budget (R&D capital) have very little to do with each other anyway (profit vs cash). As a high tech, high growth digital product company the fundamentals work NOTHING like your bank account balance.


Not when there’s tons of bugs to fix so that we get what we’re paying for.

And my wife saw one and said ‘That’s what Zwift is about?’. I’ve been trying to convert her, and she still won’t let me put her bike on a trainer, but at least she’s seen it. It might work on her yet…

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you think zwift commercials are unnecessary? how about the ads for my local electric utility? I don’t have multiple options for that service but I still see ads…

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commercials are good they bring in new customers but there certainly needs to be some more money diverted to support and development which is very poor.

I use Zwift every day but it’s so frustrating to get anything done by ZHQ and we all know how painfully slow development is even for things that would save them money I can’t figure it out.
Time will tell to see if any competitors can get their act together to delivery something to compete