Was today's update mac-only?

(Andrew Williams) #1

I’m asking because I have both platforms and the PC version has not updated. 

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #2

I’m in your boat. The good news is that the latest Mac now works with my MacBook Pro & Computrainer without constantly crashing. The HR and cadence numbers are spot on as well. Past versions didn’t sync cadence accurately.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

This is a Mac-only release for minor bug fixes.

(Jonathan Pait (X)) #4

Is it possible that my update is caught in an infinite loop? Been attempting to update for nearly an hour now and the progress window keeps showing Downloading and Preparing to Update and Updating over and over again. Or is it just that big?

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #5

My date only took a couple of minutes at most.

(Jonathan Pait (X)) #6

Thanks, Jim. I’m certain I have a problem with the update. Hmmmm, now what to do about it…

(David Sack 50+) #7

Uninstall and reinstall.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #8

Yeah, try uninstalling and re-installing it. A clean Mac install requires the following:

  1. Open up finder
  2. Hold the “Alt/Option” key and click Go > Library
  3. Open “Application Support”
  4. CTRL-click (or RIGHT-click) on the Zwift folder and move to trash.
  5. Re-run Zwift from the Mac Launcher or via Spotlight

(Jonathan Pait (X)) #9

Well, technically, there isn’t an uninstall option on the Mac. I did attempt to delete the application – even moved all the files out of the remaining Zwift folder. Thankfully, support came through quickly with the solution. Turns out I also had to delete the folder itself – even if it was empty. I’m reinstalling now and things look promising initially. I’ll know after it finishes downloading.

(Jonathan Pait (X)) #10

Good to go! Updated and put in a lap with the Kickr and looking forward to checking out the update more indepth after dinner! Thanks all.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #11

(Johnny RCCSFC (D)) #12

ERG working again… yes making intervals much easier.

(R Morris) #13

Zwift never lets me ride with humans.  ALWAYS ride alone with AI.  Any clear directions on how to FORCE an update on MAC?