Warn us about updates

(Nicholas Vogt [Handcycle]) #1

PLEASE warn us about these mandatory updates! These updates can take up to 30 minutes for my laptop and/or WiFi, which eats up about half of my available riding time. My suggestion is not new, either. Numerous other users have made this complaint for years. A simple email, which would warn us about the mandatory update and its date/time, would be more than enough.

One of you can be the hero/heroine that saves us, brave Developers! One of you can protect us from the evil Update Monster that jumps out and devours our time!

PS - I apologize if these requested emails ARE already sent to us and my inbox has been sending it to my spam box.

(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for the feedback! We definitely don’t want to inconvenience you especially when you’re ready to ride! I’ll pass this feedback along to the appropriate departments and we’ll discuss it.