Warmups for "Your First Century" training plan

Firstly, let me say that I have done one of your training plans and I love the format.

I just had one comment about the “Your First Century” training plan warmups. The warmups all seem to want you to go immediately to 75% of FTP. This is kind of weird since most of the training is endurance, and therefore runs about 70% of FTP, once the warmup is over.

So actually, the warmup is not a warmup, but shocks you into high speed / power. For instance, my FTP is 240W, and so as soon as I start any of the training plans it requires me to hit 180W out of the gate for the warmup. Then most of the workouts actually drop to less than that for the workout.

Normally, I would expect a warmup would start at 55% or so of FTP and then maybe move up a bit ?  Suggest that maybe you revisit the goals for the warmups for this program ?


Thanks, Peter


Hi Peter, 

Thank you very much for your feedback. We are going to take a note of this for further reconsideration. 

Once again thank you and Ride On!