Warm-up Only in workouts

Would it be possible to create a warm-up only workout that is say 10, 15 or 20 mins long and then once completed it automatically “jumps” you back to the start/finish line when you can then joint your chosen group ride or race warmed up and ready to roll. 

At the minute you have to warm up hit the u turn and hope you make it back before the group rolls out. Having the function as described would eliminate the guess work

Yes.  That could be helpful, especially if it had a preset countdown time. Even better if it gave you a choice to automatically save the Warm Up and the restart you seemlessly at S/F with a zero km total …

Agreed - a 15-20 min warm up as a separate workout would be great - something people could do before a race but providing some guidance/structure. Something based round Bristish Cycling warm up…?