Warm Up FTP

In my opinion the Warm Up Phase of the Short FTP test is not good. The spikes requested are in no relation with your FTP. The only thing that happens is you burn your energy and lactate your legs. I always have to manual adjust it because its so out of range and it does not help me to get ready. Whats your opinion?

Hi Andre, I not 100% sure, but I think it is done for that exact reason.

The idea is to use some energy up so that the shorter FTP test gives 

you a more realistic FTP hour result. 

My (short answer) opinion is that I tend to agree with you. 

The 20s spikes at the beginning are no big deal, but the 5 min build from 110% - 120% FTP seems a bit much. 

That said, I seem to be pretty terrible at taking the FTP test in Zwift anyway. I always come off of the recovery block (6 min@55%) into the test portion by going much too hard then fading as time goes on.  Even though I *know* better than to approach it this way - it’s something about seeing the average power displayed on the screen that causes me to try pushing it up from the start… and it kills me.  It’s unsustainable.

My best 20 min efforts seem to come a lot more naturally when I’m JRA and not trying so hard to eek out an improvement over my last result.


The first part is not just a warm up it is part of the test. If you cant do the first part then you initial FTP is stet to high. 

Th FTP test is based on the test the Hunter Allen created.


@Gerrie - the OP is asking specifically about the initial part of the *shorter* FTP test, which differs in two significant ways from Allen’s (the standard FTP test in Zwift).

Per Hunter Allen’s blog:

The standard FTP test in Zwift aligns well enough with this for ‘second time’ and subsequent tests.  But the ‘shorter’ test asks for more effort (i.e. 3 min at 110% + 2 min @ 120%) instead of the steady 5 min @ 110% prescribed by the standard test *and* it gives the rider a 40% shorter recovery block (6 min @ 55% instead of 10 min @ 60%) right before the FTP test portion starts.

So, they’re different. Having completed both and got similar results, it’s fair to say they are what they are and either will give a reasonable measure of one’s FTP.  They always suck to complete either way (if you’re doing them well). That said, personally (and perhaps counter-intuitively?), I find the longer/standard test to be *slightly* less miserable than the ‘short’ test. 

Just my $0.02.


I agree Joe, Zwift based their FTP test on Hunter Allen’s. So yes there are differences. I was just trying to show that the initial portion of the test is part of the test and should be done as prescribed.


Sorry if I were not clear. 



This is an interesting discussion! The fact is that the warmup is part of the FTP test. Every part of the test is valid in which the ultimate goal is to produce an accurate FTP score. It may be tough (as virtually all FTP tests are) but as long as your score is correct at the end, the FTP test did it’s job.