Warm up credits before joining event

Hi - I am new to Zwift. Did my first event this morning (running 10k). I warmed up for 2km and then it automatically transported me to the event (which was great!). After completing the 10km, i expected to see 12km as my total run, however it only showed 10km. How do i save the warm up before an event?

Hi @Christine_Krause, welcome to the forums.

The 2km should have saved as a separate run.

Edit: I just looked you up on the companion app and looks like only the event saved. Maybe there is a minimum distance for runs to save, like there is for cycling? Sorry, I don’t run so I don’t know.

My profile says i have done a total of 10km, so it didn’t save it. Should i have manually saved it and then joined the event?

thanks @Mike_Rowe1 I will have a play around with the app and try to work it out.

This is correct, but 2km should have been enough.

All rides need to be 2.0 km (1.6 mi.) or longer and runs must be at least 0.8 km (.5 mi) to upload.


@Daren is there an orientation run like there is for cycling? Maybe she needs to finish that first before doing an event straight out the gates? Could that have interfered with the orientation run?

I have a run saved at 0.36miles (over 6 mins) before going automatically/straight into a Club run.