Warm-up best practice


My trainer is an Elite Direto connected with FE-C ANT+ to Zwift, ERG mode is enabled and it works fine for power requirements above 120W.

The thing that kills my mind is related with the warm-up session on any workout from Zwift. All those starts with a power requirement of 40-50W and RPM of +80. Now, If I’ll try to keep the RPM my wattage will go towards 200W, if I try to maintain the required W (even tho is a bit hard to do it, my RPM will be somewhere around 20-30 RPM and Zwift will say to speed up.
Actually, I’ve realized that also some other interactive cycling apps have a similar warm-up, low power and high RPM so the question is which one is the best to follow for warm-up sessions, power or RPM?

Thanks and BTW, I’m trying to find the best practice here for a good warm-up session.

Hi @Alex_Rotar

Best is to follow the Power (w). You can change the the small front chainring if you want to increase your cadence.

Is your FTP set correctly in Zwift? Because that’s what it will base those power targets on.