Wanted feature: ANT+ support

Read this thread: ANT+ Update

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Hi, pls. implement ANT+ FE-C for the Android client! I have various Sony (such as Xperia, Xperia Mini) (even SonyEricsson, e.g. Xperia Arc!) and Samsung phones (S5 Mini, Note 9, etc) with ANT+ support.

Also there are a number of legacy Tacx trainers which can be made ANT+ compliant (including FE-C) with the help of FortiusANT, so I believe there would some users who would be happy to use Android Zwift with ANT+ only FE-C controllable trainers. (I own, for example, an i-Vortex which works with the PC-client using FortiusANT, but not with the mobile one.

the zwift team will add ant+ for android just in time for samsung to drop support for it on their devices. both the latest tablets (S7 and S7+) and the latest phone (note 20) no longer support ant+

Even if Samsung decided for some reason to remove native ANT+ hardware from their latest devices, this is not a good reason for Zwift to drop ANT+.
USB ANT+ dongle are still here, and having Bluetooth + ANT+ gives useful flexibility. And makes dual recording easier as ANT+ broadcasts data while Bluetooth is peer-to-peer only.

don’t misunderstand, i agree completely. it’s absurd that it’s taken this long for ant+ support. it’s just ironic/funny timing