Want to ride some pre kms then a meet up or event but not have your activity saved as multiple activities

Is there any way around this? For example, if going to for a distance challenge and you want to join a group meet up or event during your activity but obviously want your ride saved as one activity not multiple separate activities.

you can combine your fit files that upload to strava using Fit file tools.

Thanks Gerrie, but your total distance wouldn’t be counted towards a distance challenge in Zwift?

For example there is a new 250km Parlee challenge, but zwift wouldn’t recognise the achievement if you combined your two files in Strava totalling 250km

For the Parlee mission you don’t have to do it in one ride.
To finish this mission, you must ride a total of 250km (155 miles) after you enter the mission (see below) and before April 16th.