Walmart gravel bike upgraded

So I have been having lots of fun building a Kent genesis Bohe from Walmart. Started at $128 new. I was told it was total junk. The BB would fail and it would just be an issue. Well it was not an issue after many miles and I do sprints at at or over 1600 wats. Since I started on a giant revolt I got curious so threw a carbon seat post at it with a new seat. Also I was shorter than this bike was set up for and ordered a new shorter stem. Then I wanted a lighter front fork and handle bars. Toseek 26” carbon fork(-800g)fit the 700c wheels and tires. Then carbon handlebars and sensah empire pro shifters 11x2 with a Shimano 11/32 cassette. Also a balony 38/52 crankset with shamino hollow tech bsa bb. Then I wanted sealed head bearings… so better than the giant revolt 2 aluminum at 10.31kg.

Then I was curious of the comparison with the giant revolt I bought for $1400. So for fun I threw the sx2 wheels and tires from the giant on the Kent with QR axel adaptors and, well it’s lighter than the giant. :man_shrugging:. Just 10.19kg vs the giant at 10.31kg. So it must have cost more than the $1400 price tag of the giant revolt 2 aluminum right? Nope it’s $600 cheaper still. Once I add the new China carbon wheels and 32c tires it will weigh in at an estimated 8.9-9.1kg. $1400 total. Same as the Giant revolt.

Minus the giant sx2 wheel set it’s a $700 bike with better running gear.

Thoughts? It’s ugly and for some reason I like it more for that. It rides just fine irl. I have never had a bike fit and this setup made me a believer in a comfortable drop bar bike. It rides really nice indoors on zwift.