Walking on Zwift

Hi all

I have recently started to use zwift run to track my walking.

does anyone else use zwift for walking? if ther are enough of us, maybe we could get a walking kit? something a bit baggier and some walking boots instead of running shoes? make it easier to spot fellow walkers?

If you were able to shout at mountain bikers to slow down that would also add realism for us…


The avatar doesn’t move at walking pace.

It does, but depends on the pace and what device you are using.

I can walk on Zwift using Stryd and NPE RUNN.

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Yep. At anything less than about 6.75 km/h, my avatar walks.


@Paul_Allen, how fast are you walking? I contacted Stryd and they said that their instrument would not work for less than 6.5kph and I cannot walk that fast at this time due to an injury.


I really only walk at the end of my runs and I am probably going about 3mph.

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I use zwift for walking. I use a speed transmitter app and inout my speed on it. Seems to make my avatar walk okay between 3.4 to 4 mph.

The app i use is HRtransmitter by arcadefitness?
Works fine for walking speeds and avatar moves. Just have to change speed yourself. You can make your shorts a bit longer and baggier with slider adjustment.