Walk Your Bike

My suggestion is, like reality, when a rider is on a climb and drops below, say, 5 or 6 MPH, a button will pop up that says “walk bike”. When pressed, the avatar dismounts the bike starts to walk, while holding the bike. The resistance goes to -2% or -3% grade. This allows the biker to keep moving “walking” while recovering. The app will not allow the walker to exceed 4 or 5 MPH. There will be a button that will read “back on the bike” and this will transition the rider back on the bike and back to “normal” riding. 



Michael, what would be the purpose of this? Why would you want to do this?

I would just switch over to run mode at that point.

The purpose is while doing a big climb, you could stay on your bike do an easy spin “small recovery”  and when you are ready, you jump back on the bike. 

Yes, you can physically stop and get off your bike and your avatar will stop.

I was thinking of adding more “real life” features". Just like in real life, I see many people walking their bikes up “big” hills. 

The thought was “I want a small break from the hill but I don’t want to stop physically biking/pedaling.” right now I have the option to make a U-turn or stop pedaling.

The walking feature is already in Zwift, it wouldn’t be a big stretch use that logic but stay on the bike physically.  

I bet that you would see a few people using it when attempting the “Alpe du Zwift” 

just an idea.