Wahoo Wheel Size

I’m probably overthinking this, but have a question on wheel size selection in the Wahoo app. i’m using a direct drive Wahoo Core, and the default setting is 700x23C. However, my tires are 700 x 28C. Should I select based on wheel or tire? Does it have any material impact?

I don’t think it would make any difference, 28’s are just wider tires.

Not only wider, but a bit taller. The circumference of a 28 will be a few millimeters larger than a 23. Larger circumference means the wheel rolls a slightly longer distance per pedal stroke (aka “rollout”).

In real world racing, this matters in the context of gear limits in junior races. Race refs perform a rollout test where the highest gear x tire circumference is physically measured to make sure a kid with a bigger tire doesn’t have a rollout advantage over others with a narrower/smaller diameter tire.

Not sure at what point the Wahoo app asks this question and if it’s relevant to calculating speed or distance, but if the app gives you the option to enter your true tire size, it’s probably a good idea.

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Thank you. Very helpful info.

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