Wahoo TickrX as cadence sensor

(Hans van Gool CVR(C)) #1

i can connect my Wahoo TickrX as cadence sensor (my Wahoo cadence sensor did not connect). This seems to work reasonably on The flat. But on a Hill The cadence read-out sudderlappen drops to about 40, whereas my cadence really doesn’t drop, because I was in Erg mode. On The flat The cadence is around 90 again. During this time I was simply pedalling constantly at 90rpm.

so, Zwift does something strange with The readout of The tickrx

(David K) #2

What kind of Trainer, Zwift Device, and connection method (ANT+ or Bluetooth) are you using?

(Hans van Gool CVR(C)) #3

I use a Wahoo Kickr 2nd gen. With Apple TV, connection via Bluetooth. Problem reproduces: when The incline Goes up to 5% or more, The cadence Goes down, whereas in reality I keep my cadence constant in ERG mode.



(David K) #4

It’s likely because Zwift is getting confused. Your Kickr already estimates cadence, so if Zwift is also measuring cadence from your Tickr, the two readings could be combining. Do you notice the same behavior when you just have your Tickr paired as HRM as opposed to cadence?

I’d also suspect there could be some kind of bluetooth signal dropout happening. The link below may help you suss out and prevent dropout and interference concerns.

(David K) #5

Well, I was a bit off. Just a bit though. Zwift is indeed getting confused. Your Kickr doesn’t produce estimated cadence; It doesn’t feature cadence at all. It’s your TickrX that estimates cadence, and it estimates running cadence specifically. Used as a cycling cadence sensor, it’s not accurate

It’s probable the inaccurate cadence readings are changing the way the controllable on your Kickr behaves. I’d still recommend unpairing your TickrX as cadence for now. You may want to consider a Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor if you’re looking for seamless operation between both devices during workouts.

(Hans van Gool CVR(C)) #6


Your reply so far is completely not to the point:

  • The Wahoo Kickr does not estimate cadence, as you later acknowledge.

- I do have a Wahoo cadence sensor. But the Zwift app is very bad in connecting to the Wahoo TickrX and Wahoo cadence sensor. Whereas the Wahoo app always immediately connects to both sensors, I often have to retry connecting with Zwift on Apple TV. (And before you mention: I do not try to connect to both apps simultaneously. Only Zwift OR Wahoo app.) So, I only used the TickrX as cadence sensor, because the Wahoo cadence sensor would not connect to Zwift.

  • I used the TickrX as HRM and cadence sensor at the same time. It is perfectly capable of doing that.

  • There are no dropouts. I never have dropouts using BT. And suggesting that dropouts are related to the slopes in Zwift is just silly.

  • I have tested the TickrX as cadence sensor: I used the Wahoo cadence sensor with Zwift, and the TickrX as cadence sensor on the Wahoo app at the same time. The readings are pretty similar. Only when I change my cadence, the TickrX reacts more slowly than the Wahoo cadence sensor. So, this problem has nothing to do with the TickrX being inaccurate.

  • The problem is that when the gradient in Zwift changes, the display of the cadence drops form 90 to about 40, whereas I keep pedalling at the same frequency in ERG mode. And when the road becomes flat again, the cadence reading immediately goes up to 90 again. That has nothing to do with inaccurate readings of the TickrX, dropouts or whatever. The problem is obviously within Zwift…

 - The controllable of my Kickr has nothing to to with the cadence readings of the TickrX. There is no relation between this, as you should know.

So, I know the Wahoo cadence sensor is more accurate as the TickrX. But Zwift offers the option to connect the TickrX as cadence sensor, it works pretty good, but Zwift fails in interpreting the data of the TickrX.

(David K) #7

You’re right, but we’ll need to be able to research the situation a bit to confidently pinpoint the cause of your cadence concerns. The forums are a great way to supply basic troubleshooting advice, but since there’s no way to upload log files, would you mind emailing us at support@zwift.com so we can request a few resources from you?