Wahoo tickr heart rate low on pc

I’ve used a wahoo tickr heart rate monitor while zwifting on my iPad for some time with no issues but I’ve found when I use it on my pc, Ant+ and Bluetooth it reads low, about 20 VPN’s and drops out a lot after 30 - 45 mins of use. I have switched between iPad and pc and it still works 100% fine on the iPad.
Has anyone had similar issues, know of a fix for this?

There is another thread about this, lots of people having trouble with Tickr’s

Michael, in our home, we have two Wahoo Tickr Fit (the forearm HRM) and one Wahoo Tickr. Neither had any of these issues with a PC. I wonder, though, if you remember to put electrically conductive contact gel on the contact pads of your Tickr? Chest HRMs are known to be sensitive to contact issues: at the minimum, one needs to moisturize the contacts, but special gel is the best solution. I am just asking myself if the correlation between iPad and PC could have been purely accidental and if the cause may have been a poor electrical contact to your chest when you used a PC.