Wahoo SC working with mac but not iPad

I’ve switched from Garmin ANT+ to BLE with a Wahoo Blue SC speed/cadence sensor. It will pair on my mac, and I can ride without a problem. On my iPad, it will pair without a problem, and it shows that it is connected and receiving the speed and cadence on the pair screen. But when I try to ride, I don’t move, even though the sensor is still paired. It’s the latest iPad (5th gen), so am a bit confused. Any ideas?

Can you post a pic of your pairing screen.

Yep, give me a few minutes

The speed was registering as 8mph but I had to stop pedalling by hand to take the screen shot

It looks right. The next step I would try is to restart the iPad and see if that resolves the issue.

I’ll give it a go, cheers for your help