Wahoo Power Update History [Edited]/ Managing KickR 14 Sensor


RE: Wahoo Power Update History - (Wahoo 2/3)

       Original KickR 14

As you can see there may be a spanner in the works here Airpods (any Bluetooth devices operating in the background.

Meaning switching between iPad to OSX and back without unpairing.


Will unpair and re calibrate and check asap.

Also cleaning the sensor with Rubbing Alcohol.

As is confirmed here there have been what appears advertised as Zwift specific power updates; which is still a concern given the increasing level of pressure Zwift will place on all Smart Trainers/ Power Meters to get +/- 2 per cent with low latency.

 To anyone but the recreational zwifter, these questions are important.

Given the six thumbs down it shows the conflict could be bearing into the normalising issue. Encouragement can make all the difference; singling out can go the other way just as fast.

There are pressure points where a normalising-elastic band is really right, and then almost in a heart beat super wrong.

Which is which is the question. Suggestions in another post.


2 post about the same thing.

Contact Wahoo support, Zwift doesn’t manipulate the power numbers in any way.

Are you seeing the same watts on the Wahoo app and/or a bike computer?

Normalising occurs every group ride which isn’t a race. That is to be expected, and is part of the experience. ie elastic band.

The concern is updates changing the outputs via the drivers in the smart trainer.

Will update.

That rubber band effect is about normalizing speed not power.