Wahoo Kickr Snap help

(sean mcmasters) #1

Do y’all unplug your Snap when your done? If so do you do Performance Spin down every time thanks

(Michael Shirey) #2

We leave our Snap plugged in. We also do a spindown before every ride since we release tension off the wheel after the ride. The reason your suppose to do the spindown before every ride is to make sure the tension is set correctly. Should fall between 9-16 seconds. The Snap is what my girlfriend uses. I have a Kickr and only do a spindown every 2 weeks.

(Don Schenck) #3

I unplug my Snap after each use but don’t do a spin down every time.  However, I do make sure my tire is properly inflated to 120 psi and turn the knob two full turns to ensure proper tension.  Haven’t experienced any wild fluctuations in power output.

(Shawn Delk) #4

Unplug, release tension. Check tire pressure, then spindown before each ride. Way easier and faster than than the old CTs

(Matt Morris) #5

On what app/system do you do the spin down? As far as I know, Zwift does not prompt for a calibration

(Shawn Delk) #6

I use the wahoo fitness app that has the little yellow runner guy and white cyclist on the logo. Super easy, just connect it to the Snap, calibrate, then before I fire up the computer just shut the app down

(Matt Morris) #7

Nice.  Thanks!

(Andy Eck) #8

I’m going to pick up a kickr snap soon… anything issues I need to know about when hooking it up with Zwift on my iPhone? I’ll be a newbie in Zwift as well.

(Matt Morris) #9

I have iPhone and Zwift - no issues.  In fact, they work great.  I’d recommend using computer or iPad for Zwift and iPhone for Zwift Mobile link app.  

(Andy Eck) #10

Thanks Matt. You like the kickr snap? Works well with Zwift… no issues?

(sean mcmasters) #11

Don’t get the Snap man! Mine loses connection all the time ! Wahoo just email me about and said I need to do a update on it that’s why it’s not working right! But I think that update they said I need is the one I all ready have! I’ll make sure when I get off work today

(Shawn Delk) #12

Be careful the comments you read. Mine has yet to drop a connection to Zwift or Veloreality or Golden Cheetah. Its been flawless.

(sean mcmasters) #13

If yours works good don’t let it break on you! I’ve talk to a lot of people and there having the same problem I am! In fact Wahoo in there email they sent me they said they know of this problem! That guy above me might be a Wahoo sell guy lol

(Andy Eck) #14

The reviews I’ve read and the video reviews say it’s a good product. I’m sure I’m picking up a snap… I’m more curious about any common issues I need to be aware of during setup or any common troubleshooting I’ll need to know about.

(sean mcmasters) #15

Welll I warn you! Good man I hope yours is better then mine! That’s why I started this comment on here! Wanted to see if leaving it plug in would make a difference

(Don Schenck) #16

I have a Snap and am very pleased with it.  I started out connecting to Zwift via my computer and an Ant+ dongle, which worked flawlessly.  Within the past two weeks, I started using my iPhone 6S and a firewire/HDMI connector to view Zwift on my 46" HDMI tv. Makes the viewing experience much more enjoyable.

Connecting the iPhone app with my Snap was simple.  However, it’s critical to have a strong Wi-Fi connection or you may experience connectivity issues.  It probably won’t hurt to warm up the Snap for about 5-10 minutes and then conduct a spindown test before each ride to ensure accurate power readings.  I tend to be lazy and not do the test each time, and thus far everything seems ok.

If you want an in-depth, unbiased review of the Kickr Snap, check out www.dcrainmaker.com.  

(Matt Morris) #17

Andy - I’ve had no issues with the snap and I’m very happy with it.  No set up or connection issues either.  I love Zwift!  By the way, I had a Kinetic trainer for years and was looking to upgrade to something more interesting because I live in an area that stays cold for about six months - Snap and Zwift have worked well for me.  I’m in the military - not affiliated with any company products.  

(Matt Morris) #18

I should have added:  in my setup, Bluetooth only, I use an iPad Pro for the Zwift app which is connected to wifi and my iPhone using the Zwift Mobile link app also connected to same wifi.  Again, I’ve not had any issues. Hope that helps.

(Andy Eck) #19

Thanks Don and Matt. I did see that video Don and it was one of the reasons I’ve decided to go with snap. Matt I’m also dealing with cold and snow for months and can’t wait to do some riding. I think my wifi is solid so shouldn’t be an issue. I will only be using my iPhone6. Can I run both Zwift app and Zwift mobile link at the same time? Will I be missing out on anything?

(Andy Eck) #20

I hope wahoo takes care of whatever the issue is Sean. If they figure it out fill me in! How is your wifi connection?