Wahoo Kickr Snap Calibration

Dear Forum,
Ive had terrible problems with calibration. All was well and then took my bike off for a road ride, put the bike back on and I’ve had nightmares. Ive changed the tyre to trainer specific but still im having trouble. Im doing ‘Build me up’ and my FTP was set at 291 after FTP test. Now I struggle to get past a warm up, resistance too hard. I was beating myself up but I don’t think its my form its the trainer.
Any ideas appreciated.

Have you done a spin down? How often do you normally do them?

Have you done a firmware update in that time? Is there one you have missed?

Thanks Ben

Do the firmwares happen via the app ?

Yep. There haven’t been any for a while. But you might have missed one.

These are their instructions (although from memory they were slightly out of date in that they may have referenced an old app)

There have been loads of problems with the April 29 zwift update but I don’t think they included change of resistance in workouts.