Wahoo Kickr power

(steven wade) #1

Ive had my 1st go on zwift and i really enjoyed it ,but it seems to me the power is way out on climbs (sry if this is a known issue) I never had the gearing off the large chainring for my hr test

(David Sack 50+) #2

I agree. I know I am not as strong as I am climbing. I understand maybe over powering it so that people like me who may struggle with more real power numbers on the larger inclines can make it a little easier. Personally I would rather struggle. That way I can gauge my progress. Maybe allow people to set a difficulty level and only allow those in full mode to attain the rewards and jerseys?

(Jason K) #3

Thanks for mentioning this! Have both of you calibrated your KICKR? Be sure to do that first as you could be getting inaccurate readings otherwise.

The other thing we’ve seen that can cause high power numbers is if your sensors are too far away from your ANT+ dongle. Try to keep everything under 3 feet in order to prevent signal drop-outs.

(Shawn DeBoer) #4

The equivalent of trainerroad’s slope mode (manually adjusting trainer resistance would be cool. I ride a Cycleops Powerbeam Pro trainer and have to use TR’s slope mode to make Zwift riding reasonably difficult from a watts perspective. (i.e. without spinning out 53-11 gearing)

(Raul Santiago) #5

I have the Wahoo Kickr. It is calibrated, and it works like a charm. I did experience the issue of overpower when I first bought the Kickr and was using it with VirtualTraining. Then, I calibrated it using the spin down procedure, and the power regulated to normal. Once I started up with Zwift, it actually feels better calibrated than in my VirtualTraining app. Calibration is key. You need to do the spin down.

(David Sack 50+) #6

I did a spindown on mine last night. It seemed to get a little better (tougher) but I will have a better feel for in on Saturday when I do a longer ride. I have my Garmin USB Ant+ stick within about two feet of the Kickr. I don’t believe that is the issue as I have recently moved from a SunToo Movestick Mini to the Garmin and all of my connectivity issues have abated. I am starting to notice one other thing in relation to the Kickr. Whenever I pause on course it seems to lose Sim mode and go into another mode. If I go into the Wahoo fitness app and manually select ERG and then SIM it picks up the changes in the resistance settings again. Still loving it. Way ahead of my training schedule from last year.

(Stephen Rich) #7

I also have a Wahoo Kickr and agree that ride up hills does not seem hard enough.  I can right up the 10% grade on my largest gear, something I could never do in real life.  My Kicker is calibrated and my sensors are within three feet of the dongle.  

I don’t experience this issue with the Strava Segments by Wahoo.  In that application the resistance feels realistic.   

(steven wade) #8

Yes still the same for me after a spin down i dont experience any problems with the bkool software so im assuming its Zwift


(David Sack 50+) #9

My setup seems a little better now.  I have removed several sources of interference from my room and the dropping out of SIM mode seems to be resolved.  Going to re-introduce them one by one to see if I can figure out the main source.  The resistance for me when I first started seemed to easy but since the latest update it seems more realistic.  Not sure if the CW circuit is just tougher.  Will be able to compare when I can go back to CCW since that is where most of my riding has taken place.

(Arland Macasieb) #10

Sorry I’m a bit late on this thread but it seems like my zwift power is a bit easier than the wahoo kickr - esp on the downhills I am spinning out like crazy.  I did the roll down calibration and everything

(Alan D) #11

I’m having issues with workouts (12 week FTP) where the power seems wrong i.e. its much easier than the power set/indicated  in the workout.  It’s not all the time and if I use the Wahoo fitness app that seems ok too.  I’ve done numerous spin downs/calibrations and moved the ant+ (garmin) close to the kickr.   Also seems to work just riding round Watopia.

Apart from that, I’m really enjoying the Kickr/Zwift set up, but want to make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to all the time.  

(Aaron Terrazas (Revs)) #12

I am having an almost similar issue and I have update the firmware and done the spindown. When I climb the power drops out 40-50%, but this only happens on climbs (resistance is fine). I had to switch to my power meter because of it.